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Last Minute Valentine's Day Guide...

If your friends are anything like mine, our texting conversations around gift-giving holidays are much like this:

What are you getting your hubs?

Ugh, I have no idea. What are you getting yours?!

*sends 1,00 screenshots of ideas

Above are some ideas for the guy in your life. I highly recommend the art of shaving, trust me. Buy it. You'll thank me later. The smell is divine. It's a gift that's a win-win ;) The Yeti colsters are really popular right now. Isaak gave them as groomsmen gifts last year and they were a huge hit. If your guy is anything like mine, they could always use another fishing shirt. They get so yucky with the saltwater, sweat, and fish slime (gross!). The Ray Bans are some that I'm eyeing for Isaak..who knows they might make an appearance next weekend.

I have this wifey shirt from ILY Couture. It is a bit on the pricier side but I got a TON of use out of it last year. My mom got not one but TWO bottles of this perfume for Christmas and it smells so amazing. I am seriously lusting for this bag. These Kendra Scott earrings are perfect for that subtle hint of Valentine's day festive-ness to your outfit. I have them and wear them alot!

I hope these ideas gave you some hints or ideas :)  Sending love to all the couples, singles, friends, and families!

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