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Bridal Shower Dress Ideas with Lulu's

Top Row: 
Quarter Sleeve Dress // High Neckline (look at the back!)//Skater Dress (comes in light pink too)//Peek Shoulders

Bottom Row:

Wedding season is in full swing! This time last year I was getting ready for 2 bridal showers and a bachelorette trip to New Orleans. I needed to stock up on so many white dresses! I drove myself nuts driving around to all the boutiques and department stores I could get my hands on. I had no luck. The stores were just bringing out their spring/summer lines and didn't have many white apparel choices to offer. 

{insert super frustrated emotional bride-to-be}

I was running out of time so I decided to online shop. I know, super risky right? I'm usually not one to buy a lot of clothes online, especially for something as important as bridal events. But girlfriend, Lulu's came through for me. Big time. The online retailer has so many choices and options, it is literally a bride's heaven. I bought 7 dresses and only sent back 2 (they offer free returns). The best part is the affordability of the options. You can stock up on multiple dresses for the price of 1 designer dress. With the expenses of a wedding, saving where you can helps alot. I mean how darling are these dresses?! I am such a sucker for lace on a bride, those marked above are my favorites!

Be sure to take advantage of Lulu's $10 + Free Shipping for orders over $100 with code Freeship10 at checkout, here.

xo, Lea

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  1. Superb bridal shower dress ideas! Really liked each and every one of them. I will also be hosting a bridal shower for my sister and would buy one of these outfits for her. She will have a grand outdoor wedding ceremony at one of best wedding venues Los Angeles. Hoping to have a great time there.


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