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Meet Cajun

What kind of puppy is Cajun?

Cajun is a Fox Red Labrador Retriver puppy

How old is Cajun?

Cajun will be 1 year old on Aug 18th.

Where did you get Cajun? 

We got Cajun from M&A Ranch & Kennel in South Louisiana. We drove 5 hours to hand pick Cajun out. His color is so unique that we instantly fell in love with him. His eyebrows kill me, they are so speculative and curious!

How did you come up with his name?

We wanted to name him something that alluded to his color and heritage. The name Cajun comes from his red color, it reminded us of the reddish brown spices used in Cajun cooking in Louisiana. Louisiana is also one of our favorite places, the culture and heritage are so vibrant.

What food do you give Cajun?

After researching SO many different dog foods we decided on Merrick Grain free puppy recipe. Upon recommendation from  the breeder we wanted to limit the amount of grain filler ingredients in his diet. Cajun loves Merrick. Using this food has made his coat glossy and put a little meat on his bones, both of his parents are lean dogs. The brand also offers wet dog food with flavors like Thanksgiving Dinner so you can treat your pup on holidays!

What treats/bones do you recommend?

We try to limit the amount of rawhides we give Cajun, our breeder told us the health dangers associated with these types of bones are too high to risk. We give Cajun these nylabones and he loves them. We also give him SmartBones, these are grain free little bone treats that come in chicken flavor. These are Cajun's ultimate favorite :)

What toys do you buy Cajun?

Labradors are known for being chewers, they love to bite on everything! In order to avoid our nice wood furniture from becoming sawdust (lol!) we invested in Kong toys. This brand is known for being ultra durable. We used to buy lots of fury animal toys but Cajun would rip the stuffing out and make a huge mess. 

Do you crate Cajun?

Yes we do. We are currently working on leaving him out for short periods of time and so far so good! We use this crate for night time.

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xo, Lea

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