Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Lilac Edition - Lea Carmen

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Lilac Edition

Top Row: Earrings//Perfume//Robe
Second Row: Nail Polish//Bag//Earrings
Third Row: Dress//Earrings//Aviators

I have the best mom in the world hands down. As a retired military wife and a full-time teacher, she is such a strong role model in my life. My mom is one of those moms that doesn't really spend on herself, she loves to give. For this reason, I always try to spoil her on holidays! Especially on Mothers Day. 
Now I literally have to pry out of her what she truly wants, or something that she's been eyeing but won't spend on herself. This year she told me she wanted something lilac in color. These picks are some items that were on the possible items to purchase for her. I absolutely adore these earrings! You really can't go wrong with Kendra Scott. They are such quality and timeless items. I also adore this robe, how comfy does it look?!

Happy Mother's Day! 


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