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Planning your trip to Magnolia Silos

This past weekend we were able to sneak in a quick trip to the Magnolia Silos. My parents were actually raised in Waco, TX and are such fans of Fixer Upper we absolutely had to go! I was so excited to see the Magnolia Silos. I'll be sharing some tips for planning your trip to the newly opened Silos.

Tip #1: Bring $10 cash for parking.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Also, this painted wall sign (above) is outside the Silos to the left on the actual Magnolia building. We had to ask where it was, so there you go!

Tip #2: Don't pick the perfect weather weekend to go. 
Hear me out on this one! My parent's friends had recently attended the Silo's and waited for 2 hours to get in. We went on a super overcast day (it actually sprinkled rain that morning) but we walked right in no wait! If you don't care about a little water it is totally worth going on a cloudy day to not wait in line!  

There is the cutest little garden area of the Silos outside! Soon they will open up a little store with seeds and outdoor trinkets (seen below). At every corner there is a perfect photo opportunity!

I wanted to take this amazing wooden bench with us home! There was also a children's teepee constructed out of the same wooden branches to the left of this bench with little mushroom seats for the children to play on. Too cute!

Tip #3: Go Hungry! 
Sadly we attended a family event right before going to the Silos and had eaten lunch at the church. To the right of these striped covered eating picnic tables are several food trucks. There's Common Grounds (featured on Fixer Upper), Co-Town Crepe truck, 900 degrees Pizza truck, etc. It all looked so yummy! 

Tip #4: Wear lightweight clothing.

Inside the Magnolia store there were ceiling fans and maybe a little A/C but not much. Also, there's a bit walking involved on the site. Be sure to wear lightweight, airy clothing. This denim dress, details here, is pretty lightweight but I did get pretty warm walking around inside.
As a nod to Chip and Joanna's warm nature, there was a guest sign in book for people to sign. Too sweet!

The inside of the decor store was amazing. Every piece was so on target for today's decor and home trends. A tulip bar?! C'mon that was so stinkin' cute. 

If you aren't in the market for home decor, there were other souvenir items available! My brother took home this cute speckled Magnolia logo coffee cup. There were plenty of friendly staff available that replenished items as they were scooped up.  

Tip #5: Bring plenty of spending money.

With any vacation or site seeing attraction be prepared to spend a little extra for the novelty of the items. I bought this Joanna signature Magnolia candle (it smells of straight heaven) for $26. And I bought this Magnolia seal t-shirt for $26 as well. 

What I really loved about the Magnolia store was that everything was impeccably staged and decorated. There was so much inspiration everywhere. I loved the thoughtful touches of decor and sentiment. 

I loved my trip to the Magnolia Silos and have my eye on so many investment pieces from Chip and Joanna's home decor line. It is so great to see the wonderful things they are doing for the community of Waco, TX. 

Have any more planning questions? Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email found on my contact tab.

Thanks for reading! 


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