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How to Style a Graphic Tee with Shop Chic Galleria

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am super excited to be sharing this super cute graphic tee from Shop Chic Galleria today. If there is one thing that you take away from my blog is this: Always invest and purchase fashion items that you can least wear 3 different occasions. You can read more about the benefits of investing in fashion pieces here. This Haute Mess tee is the perfect example for my fashion rule! Who else feels like a "Haute Mess"?! Am I right? Usually I'm running in a billion different directions all while trying to stay glamourous. This graphic tee is perfect for so many different occassions! Today I will be styling this graphic tee three different ways.

Look One: Monochrome

When styling a white graphic tee, the common choice is to pair it with dark denim. For a new fresh outfit try monochrome (wear all one color) like I did with these white denim. Pair the same color shoes as the graphic print to tie the entire look together seamlessly (i.e: I wore black sandals with a black printed graphic tee). I also wore a bold colored earring to make this outfit pop!

Look Two: Midi Skirt

For a fancier occasion or date night try pairing a statement skirt with the graphic tee. To balance out the skirt add a sparkly earring. Now I know you're thinking Lea does that tee really match the dressier skirt? With fashion the number one rule is that there are no rules! Have fun and wear what makes you confident and happy.

Look Three: Colored Shorts

Summertime is all about color and having fun! Adding color shorts to a graphic tee makes this outfit perfect for summer. To create dimension for this look wear a lace-up sandal and lucite colored sunglasses. Is it me or did lucite just pop up so suddenly?! I'm not complaining! 

Be sure to check Shop Chic Galleria for more cute, trendy graphic tees and accessories! I have my eye on this Brunch Queen Tee, it is everything. There are these trendy tassel bracelets that are super cute too like this Carrie Bracelet. You absolutely need to incorporate graphic tees into your wardrobe! Read more about wardrobe essentials here. Also be sure to check out their fashion blog Chic Galleria for more style, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.


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