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Cureology Beauty Endurance Haircare Products

Things are heating up for summer! I am sure we can all agree that the most important thing about our skincare routine during the summer is protection. But what about our hair?? Shouldn't we be protecting our hair from the harmful UV rays as well? When Cureology Beauty, who is known for their vegan and sulfate free products, reached out to me about their  Endurance Colores Shampoo and Conditioner, which utilizes UV protection technology, I was so thrilled to try them!

What is unique about the haircare line is the formula. Quinoa proteins, rice, and whole wheat are all ingredients in this shampoo and conditioner that help restore the scalp and hair. There is no presence of waxes, fillers, or sulfates. Now I will say that there is a slight hint of sunscreen smell in these products, but hello its supposed to protect your hair. I would recommend using this product when going to the beach! Especially if you have color treated hair. Anti-fade technology is included in this formula.

My favorite product that I tried was this Radiant Shine Mist. It's the perfect finishing mist to complete your hairstyle. You use it to add radiance, texture, and it protects against the humidity. After using this product my husband commented on how great it smelled too! Cureology Beauty has a gift set that combines all these products.

Now before I talk about these final 2 products let me state that I live in a very humid state. Also, it rained off and on this past week when I was testing the products, which tends to thicken the humidity even more. I will say that the Smoothing Anti-Frizz Serum helped keep my curls more in-tact longer but I did have slight frizz on top. If you live in a less humid place this product would probably work better for you! The Ultimate Leave-In Potion did leave my tresses glossier.

Thank you to Cureology Beauty for these products! Be sure to check out their other products here. And follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Friday!



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