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How to Prepare for Engagement Photos

Isaak and I took these engagement photos in 2014 and I am still as obsessed with them now than I was then! Engagement photos are typically used on save the dates, wedding websites, decor at showers, and gift tables at the actual wedding-so no pressure but these are a pretty big deal! Today I am sharing my top tips for preparing for engagement photos. These tips can be used for taking professional photos as well! 

Tip #1: Set Up a Mood Board

I know, I know. You're probably thinking "Really Lea, this is your first tip?" Let me tell you why! Collecting inspiration and a color scheme that you would like to ultimately see in your photos will give you something to share with your photographer! This ensures that you are both on the same page for what you would like to achieve with your photos. Do you want super glamorous city views or do you want casual country chic? I shared a Pinterest board with Magen (Asher Creek Photography) and instantly we were on the same page! I wanted woodsy and colorful photos. Also, from this mood board you will be able to choose outfits, make-up and hair styles, and any plan for props! I loved this green velvet chair from Magen's studio and knew that I needed to wear colors to complement it.

Tip #2: Choose Your Poses

This is really a tip from our photographer. The best way to communicate what you are wanting is by actually choosing the poses you want to do. Set up another mood board or pinterest board with shots, angles, and poses you and your fiancé want to do so the photographer has in mind what you want to achieve in your session! For example, I knew that I wanted a twirling photo. You might get caught up in the photoshoot that you forget to ask for certain shots, better to plan ahead and let your photographer know!

Tip #3: Plan Around Your Location

Think about where you are going to be taking the actual photos! Are you doing indoor or outdoor? Are you traveling out of town for them? Prepare outfits, make-up, and hair around the location and time of the photoshoot. For example, I took my photos out of town outside. Our appointment was at 4 pm (golden hour) on a Sunday but we had to check out of the hotel by 11 pm I literally had to do my hair and make-up in a random hotel bathroom. I felt so rushed and awkward! Make sure you have a plan. 

Tip #4: No Drastic Physical Changes 

Do not cut your hair, change your eyebrow shape, or decide to tan 3 levels up than you normally do before your photos! I would recommend at least 2 weeks before your photos to not make any changes. For your nails and waxing get them done 1 week out from your scheduled session. That gives you a little cushion to fix anything should something go wrong. Do not wait to the last minute! 

Tip #5: Have a Trial Run for Hair and Make-Up

I would say to do this even if you are getting it done professionally! I choose to do my own because we were driving out of town. Plus, it was a better investment to purchase designer make-up that I could use after the photo shoot instead of a one and done airbrush make-up fee. I went to MAC and got their recommendation for foundation and lipstick. (I am wearing Ruby Woo in these photos) I am so glad that I did because the MAC Studio Finish foundation made my complexion look flawless! You honestly will have a better photoshoot being confident in your hair and make-up. Don't wait until the day off to figure it out and have the slightest chance to hate it and look uncomfortable in all your photos. 

I hope these tips will help you plan better for your engagement photos or any professional photos! If you have any questions, shoot me an email! 

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