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Max Factor Make-Up Review

Happy Friday! Today I am going to give you a quick review over the Max Factor make-up products that I received from them a couple of weeks ago. Before receiving this cute package I really hadn't heard much about Max Factor. After some quick research I learned that Max Factor is a make-up brand that presents itself as a professional make-up made by professional make-up artists. With this type of marketing I had pretty high expectations. You can find these products at your local Walmart.


I have actually used this mascara for the last 2 weeks! I wanted try is out before giving it an honest opinion. I really like this mascara! The MasterpieceMax High volume + Definition mascara features  a medium sized bristle brush it really gave my lashes a lifted and voluminous look. I especially loved how long it made my lower lashes. 


If you struggle with perfecting the curved winged eyeliner look, this Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner is for you! What is unique about this eyeliner is the curved tip. You actually use this liner perpendicular to your eyelid (if that makes sense?!). You would not run the brush along the lid (unless you wanted a super thick eyeliner line). The curved tip actually glides the winged out line curve for you. Would definitely reccommend it! 


I'll start by saying that these creamy lipsticks smell really good! I think it's vanilla scent? The application is smooth and creamy and did not dry out my lips. The color on the left is 725 Simply Nude and the color on the right is 735 Maroon Dust. I preferred the color of Maroon Dust on my lips, it gave a nice summery coral pop to my make-up looks! 

Really the only con I see with this make-up brand is the packaging! With a $13 price point for the lipsticks alone, and being sold at Walmart I would have wanted to see a little more weight and quality to the actual casing. I know this is picky, but it's all about the experience right? 

P.S. I found a second con after trying to find the links online for your guys. It's really hard to find and purchase online? I found the links on Amazon and Walmart but not all products are available at one retailer. So limited availability for purchase would be a second con for my review and recommendation. If you try one of these products, I definitely reccommend the mascara. It is worth the hunt! 

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  1. Both these colors are gorgeous!!
    xo, Syd


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