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What We Learned After One Year of Marriage

In the blink of an eye, Isaak and I have been married for exactly one year on August 8th. We have been together for a total of four years, but it seems like just yesterday we were getting engaged. Through three job changes, five moves, and a sweet little fur child being added to our family we have been strong partners in taking on each new challenge and endeavor. We have so much more to learn and experience, but we wanted to share about our relationship to inspire and encourage others.

P.S. Isaak and I didn't know the other's answers! I wrote mine and then Isaak added his.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. Do you agree?

Lea: I wouldn't say that our first year of marriage has been hard. I think that sometimes life can be hard. Saving up for a home isn't exactly fun but that's how it goes. You have to sacrifice here and there to meet the financial goal of becoming a home owner. Those types of things are hard. But it definitely makes it easier having a strong partner.

Isaak: 100% not true. Our first year married has only brought us closer. Sure there were some challenges along the way, like saving for our home and raising our first pup together, but it has only brought us closer. 

What has been a highlight of your first year of marriage?

Lea: A major highlight for me was getting our new puppy, Cajun. We got him a month after being married. Before Cajun, I never really took care of something another than myself. It was a great (sometimes challenging) experience taking care of another life. Cajun has taught me to be responsible, self-less, more patient, and compassionate.

Isaak: Purchasing our first home together was a huge milestone in our relationship. It was hard to continue to save money when we could just have easily splurged on fancy dinners, weekend trips, and other fun stuff. It was definitely a challenge but one well worth it.

Has there been any major challenges or adjustments being married?

Lea: I would have to say that since being married, merging our bank accounts was a huge deal to me. I had managed my own finances for so long and to me that was the biggest relinquish of control I could ever make. It honestly took a good 8 months into our marriage for me to come around to the idea. Isaak was super patient with me. It wasn't the actual money aspect but learning to navigate and compromise on something that was so close and personal to me. Now I love it! 

Isaak: I am a very clean and organized person, I have always been that way. Growing up my buddies would tease me, they would say I was OCD. Lea....not so much. It's been hard not to want to organize her stuff. It has taken some adjusting for me since I am used to having things in a certain order. All in all not a huge deal, and definitely nothing worth fighting over. We make it work!

What are your favorite date nights?

Lea: My favorite dates have to be weekend morning dates to the movies. Our favorite theater is Alamo Draft House. We go in the mornings for two reasons. One Isaak tends to fall asleep in the movie if its late at night and two we use Groupons for cheaper movie tickets-only catch is that you have to go before 3 pm.

Isaak: Date nights. Scratch that. Morning dates are the best! Because of our jobs, and of course Cajun, we are both early risers. Most of the time we are up before 8 o'clock on the weekends. Brunch at Alamo Draft House is one of my all time favorites. If the movie is bad, the food is always good! I am also a sucker for food truck dates on the side of the road.

Is there any inspiration that you seek for building a better marriage?

Lea: There's an instagram account that I follow created by Audrey and Jeremy Roloff (from TLC's Little People Big World) called Beating the 50 Percent. The mission of their organization is to lead couples to beat the 50% divorce rate and to always give more than 50% of yourself to making your marriage better or best. They feature couples on their Instagram that strive for "always more" in their marriage. There's "always more" we could be doing to strengthen our marriages. I use that to remind myself to do better by Isaak and our marriage.

Isaak:  Definitely 100% don't be afraid to open up to friends and family. For some people it is tough since most would prefer to keep marriage matters to themselves, but these are the people that know you best. 

What are you most looking forward to in the years to come?

Lea: I am most looking forward to building our family. I cannot wait for the holidays and decorating our home and really providing for our future children lots of fun memories.

Isaak: Laughing and joking together while figuring out how to be parents. 

Thank you so much for making us apart of your day! And thank you to everyone for their well wishes!


Lea and Isaak


  1. This is fabulous! Thanks for the peek into your lives and may God bless you with many more years of marital bliss!


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