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Beauty Products Wishlist

Today I thought I would do something a little different and share some beauty products that are currently on my wish list! These products are either highly reccommend or have great reviews. Most of these products are from brands that I have used before so I have confidence sharing them with you!

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Products from brands that I have tried

Working from top to bottom, we'll start with the It Cosmetics CC cream. So I'll be honest, I've already purchased this and have loved the results so far! I want to use it for a couple of weeks before giving it an honest review, but ya'll the coverage is amazing! I saw a commercial on the CC cream and the results looked amazing. Next, I saw on Snapchat one of my favorite bloggers Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity shared this as her favorite daily foundation and I was sold! 

Tula just released this new product-the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment and I cannot wait to splurge on this product. Currently I use (and am almost out of) their Purifying Cleanser and Hydrating Day and Night cream and my results have been amazing. I do still get breakouts during that time of month but my skin overall has improved.

Every single day I have used this YSL lipstick that I got at Nordstrom awhile ago, it is the perfect cranberry shade for fall. The formula is rich and creamy. Most importantly it does not dry out my lips! I am currently working on a fall lipstick guide with a great giveaway but that won't be out for awhile (p.s. thanks to one of my readers for the suggestion!). Anyway I am dying to try a plum/purple lipstick this fall and this YSL one just might make the cut!

I think most of us have tried MAC cosmetics! This fall palette is everything. It has perfect transition shades, highlighting shades, and deep hues for that fall inspired smoky eye. I am almost completely done with the original Naked palette ( I know it's so old, but I hate being wasteful). This palette has caught my eye for awhile now and I might take the plunge next payday #budgeting #adultlife.

Products from brands I have not tried

Becca and Jaclyn Hill almost broke the beauty blogging world with their collaboration on blush/highlighter combos. I won't be waiting too long to purchase this. For years I have used Physican's Formula (like since freshman year in high school), I love it but want to try something different!

Two Black Fridays ago I purchased literally 6 cans of this hairspray for like $8 each (no shame!) and I am almost completely out of 'em. Next I want to try this one and this one. The hold up for me is obviously the price but this Texas heat ya'll is killing me and my hair's volume. I definitely think it's worth the splurge.

I have heard great things about the this foundation, but I have also seen some pretty affordable dupes for the formula on Pinterest. I might just have to see for myself and purchase it! Still on the topic of skin, I have seen Glam Glow pop up on Instagram and Snapchat for awhile now. As a girl that has pretty oily skin I am down to try anything deep cleansing to really get my skin nice and clean. So far I have heard great things!

These last three items are not really a necessity for your everyday make-up skincare needs but I mean a girl has to treat herself sometimes-am I right?! I have seen this Laura Mercier body creme featured on some of my favorite bloggers pages and Instagram. Can I justify the price? Probably not, so this may be on my Christmas list this year. Another product that I have been curious about is this Donna Karan deodorant. $24 for a deodorant is not too outrageous when you think about it, but still pricey compared to what you spend at the grocery store. Apparently it lasts pretty long? I don't know if I will actually purchase this but it is on my radar.

Drumroll please...we are almost to the end! I couldn't keep this last product off my wishlist. Can we agree that girls are so insane about their eyelashes? Like it is not unheard of to have girlfriends that use 3-4 different mascaras at a time to get the perfect combination. Personally I think this is nuts, but not so much when you think about the impact of eyelashes on your overall make-up look. I have heard about this product for lengthening your eyelashes and I seriously want to try this so bad! After a terrible experience with eyelash extensions, I have had such a hard time with lengthening! I will definitely be purchasing this. Let me know if you want a review!

Thank you for stopping by and talking beauty products with me! Let me know anything you reccommend I should try in the comments below.




  1. Love those neutral colors with a little bit of pink in the MAC palette!!

  2. You have a LOT of items on this list I currently have (or had) and totally love, so you're obviously on the right track, LOL! I personally didn't find a good match with the IT Cosmetics CC cream (she needs to make a color between Medium and Tan), and it tends to break up on me pretty quickly (but I'm super oily). Once you try a becca highlighter, I don't think you'll ever go back. My Opal one is the very first highlighter in the history of my life I've hit pan on. That white glamglow mask breaks me out really badly (so does their black one), but I LOVE thirstymud (it calms my skin down and plumps it up)... which is so weird b/c I'm so oily. However, many seems to swear by that white one. I've used the Oribe texture spray and it's really good, and smells amazing, but if you try it and want something just as good (if not better) for less than that price - try drybar Triple Sec or Amika un.Done texture spray (both smell amaze and work just as well, if not better). I JUST bought the Ouai one yesterday, so i'll keep you posted! :-D Another IRONIC love, the GA Luminous Silk Foundation is a favorite for me. It's so natural on the skin, buildable and wears pretty well (as long as I blot). I totally understand the hype of this one... especially for special occasions!


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