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Cottonfest 2016: James McCoy Taylor Album Release!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Cottonfest 2016. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

It's no secret around here that I am a huge Bachelor fan! Since I was a college sorority girl having Bachelor themed watch parties gathered around our televisions, to now having a date night in with the hubs (yes even Isaak watches with me!) I have watched numerous episodes! 

JoJo's season of the Bachelorette was filled with lots and lots of drama-like any entertaining season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette is! One thing for certain, amongst the other contestants, James stood out as the southern gentleman that he is! For his first impression, he came out of the limo serenading JoJo with an acoustic guitar-so sweet! After learning that he's from Katy, TX Isaak and I rooted for him even more. Watching his dates with JoJo gave me so much hope for all my single friends out there still dating. He is literally so sweet and chivalrous! 

I've literally tried so many times to recruit my best friend to go to the casting calls to be on the show. She won't go though. I've even talked to Catherine Guidici about it-see the post here. Well, Houston girls you are in luck because not only is James coming back to his hometown in Katy, TX but he's bringing his friends that he made on the Bachelorette too! That's right, he is bringing 4 other Bachelorette contestants to Katy! Check out James' announcement on his Instagram here.

James McCoy Taylor will be debuting his album Can't Stop at Cottonfest Sept 10th. You can check it out on iTunes here before hitting the show in Katy, TX. Cottonfest is an outdoor festival that will feature mechanical bull riding, face painting for the little kids, and of course food and adult beverages! 

I am beyond thrilled to be attending James' album release at Cottonfest 2016 this year! Not only will I be meeting James and getting his album, but I will be doing so with some fabulous ladies for girls night out! Come hang out with us and James McCoy Taylor next Saturday, Sept 10th at Cottonfest 2016

Follow along with me, Nicole, and Madeline on Sept. 10th, we would love to sing along to Can't Stop with you! 

See you soon James! 

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