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Planning Your Trip to Fredericksburg, TX

Frederickburg, Texas is a small German town north of San Antonio in the glorious Hill Country. This town offers so many wonderful touristy things, but it's mostly known for its wineries! I visited with my parents this past weekend and was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick trip. My parents are members at Grape Creek Vineyards and at Baron's Creek Vineyards so we drove up for the weekend. Fredericksburg has such a special place in my heart. Isaak proposed to me here, I've celebrated a bachelorette here with one of my best friends, and experienced my first ever wine tasting here.


I would definitely reccommend Grape Creek Vineyards first to any of my friends! They offer winery tours and award winning wine tastings. In the past couple of years, Grape Creek has really grown and expanded their location. The property is stunning with great vineyard views and tuscany inspired architecture. Recently, they added a Trattoria with Stout's pizza. You cannot get a more perfect afternoon with views, vino, and pizza. 
Other wineries I have been to and liked: Becker Vineyards (they have amazing lavender soap!), Messina Hof, and Torre Di Pietra.

Festivals and Food

The best season to visit would definitely be fall. Not only is the temperature cooling down from summer, but Fredericksburg hosts Oktoberfest. This is a festival native to German culture that is a celebration filled with lots of beer and delicious food. You can find information on that here. My family and I go almost every year. 
On the topic of food, my favorite restaurant in Fredericksburg is Auslander's right on Main St. in downtown. Out of all the restaurants that I've tried in this town, this is the best one! 

After we went to Grape Creek, we came over to one of the newer wineries in Fredericksburg- Baron's Creek Vineyards. This property is architecturally stunning with villas that you can rent pictured below. 


Besides the wineries and food, shopping is another great aspect of Fredericksburg! Along Main St there are SO many home decor and antique shops. One thing I especially love to get are the homemade soaps, candles and bath items. Lavender fields are in Fredericksburg and lots of the wineries carry lavender infused items in their gift shops. For souvenir t-shirts, I reccommend Barefoot, they carry comfort color brand t-shirts that are my absolute favorite and grab one every visit! For spices, hot sauce, gourmet fruit spreads, and flavored peanut butters Rustlin' Robs is a must as well. And no matter the time of year you visit, the Christmas Store is so fun to wander into. Literally any ornament you could imagine is in this store.

This gift shop in Baron's Creek Vineyard is so cute! They actually craft homemade candles in recycled wine bottles. My mom had one burning at home when I arrived for the weekend and it smelled so divine!

Blouse, similar on sale! | Purse | Monogrammed Necklace | Shoes, similar

When walking around Fredericksburg I almost always choose to wear a light blouse and shorts. A lot of girls wear long dresses or skirts and honestly it is still too hot for that! I love this blouse from Nordstrom, it was the perfect light material to keep me cool but still be season appropriate with the fall olive color. The exact blouse is sold out, but the brand has an almost identical one in the same color linked above.

If you are planning a trip to Fredericksburg and have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email!



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  1. Oh how beautiful! It's crazy how many great towns are in Texas. I recently visited Bandera and fell in love with its people. Thanks for sharing this, good to have for future roadtrip ideas :)



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