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Cozy Fall Outfit

^ When the wind won't let you be cute lol

Cardigan | Flannel Scarf | Denim on sale! | Tote c\o

This past weekend Isaak and I went out of town to Dallas. Even though it was only a 3.5 hour car ride north we definitely felt a difference in the lack of humidity. Seriously, I was able to wear a sweatshirt to Six Flags for like half the day-what?! It got me really excited, especially since we are now in November!

I feel like I was never a cardigan person until this season, probably due to the fact that I could never find the right one. I love this one from Nordstrom, it's so soft and comes in 3 other colors. I've used it so much since I've gotten it and it is so comfy and not itchy whatsoever! Another thing that I love about this cardigan is the length. Being short (I'm barely 5 foot 1 inch) I have the hardest time shopping for long sweaters, dresses, or even some coats. This one is the right length for me!

I've shared (maybe overshared) this steal of a flannel scarf. When I find deals this good I just have to tell everyone! I ordered this one on Amazon and it did not disappoint. I have to admit that sometimes I get fussy with clothes that bunch around my neck. With long hair and a sensitive neck sometimes scarfs and turtlenecks get on my nerves. My trick to not have to carry around the scarf is to tie it around my tote or bag-this keeps my hands free while shopping. This trick can also be used to dress up a simple tote or satchel as well!

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