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Cryo Recovery: Cryo Facial Experience

You guys I'm so excited to be bringing you my Cryo Facial Experience today! I was invited by the owner of Vintage Park's new Cryo Recovery location to try their treatment and was so thrilled at the opportunity. My attendant, Alyssa, was so hospitable and guided me through the entire process. This facility has whole body cyrotherapy chambers, electrotherapy: mark pro active recovery, compression recovery: normatec compression, and local and facial cryotherapy. 

After a tour of the facility, Alyssa showed me to the facial area. Cryo Recovery has the first Penguin machine made by Cryo Scientists in the United States. This machine is utilized for facial treatments and even localized treatments for ailments such as plantar fasciitis. You can read more about that here. The same technology that is used in the chambers is utilized in the wand pictured above! Of course, the temperature is not nearly as cold as the chamber. Specifically, the facial targets a temperature of 40 degrees on the surface of your face.

For the therapy I received, Alyssa, removed all my make-up and prepped my skin. The service lasted 10 minutes, but seemed longer with straight cool air targeting your skin! Of course the treatment was super cold and felt like a brain freeze over my forehead, however it wasn't unbearable. I felt an instant tightening of my skin as the wand worked around the surface of my face. The technology works by closing your pores and pulling blood to the surface of your face to boost collagen production. It reduces blackheads and blemishes by closing your pores. I felt tightened, refreshed, and experienced smoothness on my face. I will also say that around my cheeks (where I have sight rosacea) it looked less red and more bright. In the last picture with Alyssa, I am not wearing any foundation. You can truly see the clarity and brightness to my face!

After the treatment, Alyssa placed a orange scent infused hot towel on my face and it felt glorious! I really loved the treatment as a non-invasive method to skincare. You can get more information about investment, benefits, and scheduling on the Cryo Recovery homepage here. I strongly reccommend trying out their therapies! 

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  1. Oh this looks like a fast and effective treatment! Did it hurt at all?

    1. Hey Nicole! It was really fast maybe only 10 min max. I will say that when the wand passed over my forehead and nose it was kinda intense! But I think that it is a great alternate to invasive beauty treatments. I say it is worth it though for the brighter and tighter skin!

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