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Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress + Whole30 Update

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Last year stripes and ruffles were all over the spring and summer scene, they aren't going anywhere this year either! I love this dress for an easy date night outfit or even for a beach cover-up. It's super flattering for any body type and so easy to style! Throw on some cute wedges or pom pom sandals with a colored statement earring and you are good to go!

This dress is from Shein- I shared my thoughts on the brand and whether you can feel at-ease when  ordering from their site. Read my opinions and thoughts in this post. Obviously I am a satisfied customer to be bringing you another piece from them. I haven't had any issues with the quality of the pieces or efficiency of payment/transaction. I love this brand for affordable, trendy pieces that I know will only be around for a season or so!

Today I also wanted to give readers an update on my Whole30 experience! I didn't really dive into much detail with the exception of a quick note in a blog post from last month. Well, we only lasted a single week doing Whole30. Did we see results? Of course we did! I lost 5-6 pounds from eating Whole30 that week and then continuing to make changes thereafter. Am I disappointed in not making it 30 days? Well of course, but the biggest lesson I've learned is giving myself some grace. As women and human beings in general we do it all! Parents, employees, friends, sons/daughters, its not easy ya'll. We can't do it all and shouldn't beat ourselves up over failures. During this last month we've made Paleo/Whole30 dinners and traded in soda and fruit juices for sparkling water. Also, traded in the chips/dips for homemade guacamole and carrot chips. One day I would like to try again but in the meantime I'm being kind to myself and giving some grace!

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