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Pink Pom Pom Dress

You guys this pink lace with pom pom trim is the spring dress of my dreams! It literally is the perfect dress for Easter, spring weddings, baby or bridal showers, etc. I am gushing over everything pastel colored and this dress is no exception.

This dress is from Shein and certainly is not the first or last time I will feature a piece from this brand. I know there are alot of readers that are interested in the quality of the clothing and the customer shopping experience of the brand. First, let me say that I would never share something with you that I wouldn't reccommend to my best friends or even my mom! With that being said, this dress is absolutely great-I would even say that there are pieces from major retailers that have less quality than this dress! I purchased this dress from their site just as any customer would and did not have any issues with checking out, payment, or delivery. The only con I would say is that shipping does take awhile-but as long as you plan ahead it's a totally great brand to purchase from. I would say to purchase items that bloggers or friends have tried first because there are some customers that have been dissatisfied with their purchase-I myself have never had any issues.

I hope that clears up any questions or concerns you may have from purchasing from Shein. I know that tons of you are interested in their items, especially since they provide great dupes for popular trendier items. 

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  1. Amazing style and love your recommendations.Though I confess, I do wish that first dress would work a little better for those of us with curves.I like to arrange in pairs with .I thought you can try it.


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