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Currently Craving

I am so thrilled today for two reasons! One it's Friday..I literally live for the weekends these days. Two it's payday, which means I can afford myself a little weekend shopping! I thought I would share today what is currently in my shopping bag online. Sometimes being a blogger is hard because I will find something, order, and by the time I get the item and photograph the look it becomes sold out or very few sizes left. This way you get a peek behind the curtain and can follow along and shop with me!


Totally loving floppy hats with cheeky sayings, they were big last year and are a huge trend this year. What is advantageous for us shoppers is that major retailers are now carrying these items like this Rose All Day floppy hat

I can't get enough of tassel earrings and I love these! Fun fact: I typically don't wear necklaces or anything on my wrists, I like to be fuss free. Wearing earrings gives me the right tough of accessory to my outfit without bothering me throughout the day. 


I love wearing super breezy and lightweight fabrics which makes this top so perfect! At a price point of under $40, this top is perfect for springtime. Florals aren't necessarily an original thought for pieces for your wardrobe but I love this dress because of the shoulder frills. Finally I love a great peplum top and this would look perfect under a denim jacket.


Glides are a huge trend that I honestly did not see coming. I haven't really been sold on the style, until I found these with the cutest bow detailing on the top. Next, these wedges I have posted about before and I am obsessed with this other grayish color! Athleisure has been a huge trend for the past color of seasons, I am dying to find a white/neutral pair of tennis shoes that I can mix and match with denim.

Have a wonderful day!

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