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Distressed Denim for Short Girls

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This post is for all my fellow short girls! Every since I can remember it has always been a major struggle to find jeans that actually fit my 5 ft 1 in height. Shopping for back to school clothes with my mom was always a nightmare-I would literally have to take 20 pair into the dressing room to find maybe 1 pair that fit. It's a shame to say that sometimes this is still true.

Fast forward through many a dressing room to now and I have (somewhat) figured out what will work and what won't. Plus I have a little secret to finding jeans that short girls will not have to hem or tailor! Ya'll I just buy cropped jeans, sometimes even capris (if I want the "cropped" look). These jeans I buy in regular length and 9 times out of 10 I won't have to hem or roll the bottom of them. The jeans in this post I actually purchased online and the length fit perfectly! These are the first pair from this brand and I just have to say that I am so obsessed with them! Even the knee rips actually hit at my knee...my short girls know that usually the knee part of ripped denim usually hits our shin. LOL!

Other brands that I have come to love for their customized short pant size line extensions are American Eagle and Old Navy. However, with these affordable brands the jean quality just isn't were I need it to be. For example my jeans from these lines tend to stretch out after wear. These STS jeans from today's post held their shape even after 2 wears and no wash! 

P.S. These jeans from this post are also short girl friendly! 

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