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Five Ways to Increase your Fashion Budget

Dress: Tobi | Earrings: Beehive

It's no secret around here that I love a good sale or deal on fashion. It's also no secret that I love to splurge on quality pieces that I know will last my wardrobe a long time. Today I wanted to share ways that I save up for my fashion budget! These are tips that I use to save money in other areas of my life in order to put more funds towards wardrobe or fashion purchases. I wrote about this topic last year (you can read that here) but I wanted to elaborate more for you guys!

Cut out the Non-Essentials

Do you really need to get your daily coffee fix from Starbucks? Or can you skip the stop and drink your K-Cups at home? Take a look and re-evaluate your spending habits when it comes to the "extras". For some, it might be the daily coffee run for others it might be getting their nails done at the salon every two weeks. Really cut back on these extra spending trips and while these seem small it does add up! 

Cook at Home

This one is super important! Here's the deal, when you eat out you spend 2-3 times more than an average meal at home. For example, when Isaak and I eat out at a mid scale restaurant we spend on average $30-40 on the meal. That's for one meal.When I plan out our meals we spend around $65 for five meals! Limit your restaurant outtings to once a week maybe two and you can really save some money. This guideline applies for lunches too! Meal prep on the weekends to save on spending for take out meals. Your wallet and your health will thank you later!

Start a Side-Hustle
The millenial generation is characteristically known for having a side-hustle. This is anything that you do to earn extra income in addition to your day job. From blogging (lol) to dog sitting to amatuer photographer, there are various ways to add additional income to your overall bottomline.

Shop Smart

This tip is pretty self explanatory, but make your purchases intentional. Growing up, my mom would always shop the sale racks first. Why pay full price for something that is going to eventually be put on sale?! My favorite ways to shop smarter are shopping holiday sales, outlet stores, and even tax free weekend (if you live in a state like Texas). This doesn't just apply to fashion purchases but also household items- use those coupons girl! 

Recycle Your Clothes and Accessories

Search the back of your closet and bottom of your jewelry drawers to sell any gently worn items! I reccommend apps like Poshmark and Tradsey to list items. I don't have any experience selling to brick and morter second hand stores but I will say that you can make more by listing the items online.  Use the profits you make towards new purchases!

P.S. How adorable is this dress from Tobi?! I absolutely love the flutter sleeves, perfect for a flirty date night outfit. It is lightweight enough to keep you cool during warm spring and summer nights but thick enough to not need a slip underneath.

I hope these tips help you shop smarter and invest more into your fashion budget! 
Let me know any ways you save in the comments below.

In partnership with Tobi, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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