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Vacation Planning Tips

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Isaak and I just booked our second vacation this year and I thought it would be fun to share how we vacation plan. We are extremely lucky in that we both get 3 weeks of vacation throughout the year with a pretty flexible situation. We have done a ton of research and have traveled mostly to the Caribbean and around the United States so most of these tips are applicable to those regions.

Travel Off Season

Now I know that this guideline may not be feasible for some specific professions like educators that have very strict rules on when they can and cannot take time off. However if you are traveling in the summer go somewhere that isn't tropical for cheaper airfare and less crowded resorts. Isaak and I both love traveling off season for this specific reason. Flights and stays eat up the majority of your travel budget so why not travel opposite of the crowds and be able to put money towards excursions and tours?!

Use Skyscanner

Airfare and accommodations are the 2 biggest factors to consider when planning your vacation. Fly off season for cheaper flights like I mentioned above. To search for cheap flights I use Skyscanner in order to search flights out of my nearest airport within a certain time frame. What I love about this site is that it sorts the destinations from cheapest to most expensive and gives you an instant overview of which locations are ideal.

Travel Inclusive When You Can

If you are wanting to go somewhere tropical the good news is that most resorts in the Caribbean and Gulf of  Mexico are all inclusive. I use websites like Apple Vacations to search for destinations. This useful website searches destination by location and airport and will list deals that include airfare, resort, and all drinks and food for your stay. You can find cheap deals all the way to 5 star resorts so there really is a find for everyone's budget. We used this location for the last 2 tropical vacations-our honeymoon included. 

Cross Reference Your Booking

As I mentioned above, we booked 2 of our last Carribbean vacations through Apple Vacations. However, we found a resort on Apple Vacations and it was a literally a smidge above our budget so we checked the actual resort's website where they offered a flight + stay deal and it was cheaper than the other all-inclusive website. Cross-reference websites and check multiple airlines prices. 

Utilize Airbnb and VRBO

The two most expensive things about traveling are the flights plus the stay. The past couple of years Isaak and I have found such amazing deals and accommodations using Airbnb and VRBO. We've had girls weekends, bachelor parties, and Isaak even used VRBO for a hunting trip with some buddies. We have become obsessed with these sites for multiple reasons! The price, immersive experience in a new culture, and more accommodation space is too good to pass up. Check these websites out and be prepared to be surprised at the level of style and interior design of some peoples homes!

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Thank you for reading! 

In collaboration with Tobi, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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