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Victoria Beckham X Target Collection

I woke up this past Sunday at 7 am. Yes, I had to get my hands on this limited collection by Victoria Beckham! I mean there's probably not going to be another opportunity to own/purchase something of hers. Luckily for you, there are still super cute pieces that are available to purchase online. I linked them below in the widget for you! 

All in all I am extremely impressed be this collection. With most of the items under $40 (the exception of a couple of embellished or tapered pieces at the $60-$70 range) you would assume that the quality wasn't that great. Wrong! The fit and material of these pieces are amazing for the price! I mean brand and celebrity name aside I would purchase these pieces without the endorsement of Victoria Beckham-and that's when you know these pieces are good.

This blouse was my favorite piece of the collection! I also had my eye on this striped dress but sadly it sold out online and in stores the day of the launch...speaking of merchandise selling out. I witnessed first hand a woman that purchased ALOT of the pieces from the collection. Target did have a policy of no more than 2 pieces of the same item could be purchased by one single person. This policy is in place to maintain a level of fairness for all shoppers to have access to an otherwise limited collection. However, there are shoppers that abuse the guidelines just like this lady did! She literally had a cart full of Victoria Beckham merchandise and grabbed the last medium of this blouse that I wanted! So I went to another Target to score the blouse (it was literally only 15 min away, I mean I'm not that shopping obsessed lol), and the SAME lady was there getting another cart full of Victoria Beckham merchandise. I almost said something to the lady, it was because of her that I had to go to another store! Sure enough I looked on ebay after checking out and people were selling the merchandise for double the retail price to turn profit. Don't purchase from these people! Okay..getting off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening, I feel a ton better :)

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