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Unexpected Pops of Color

Blouse | Earrings only $12 | Clutch 

Honesty moment: I had this lavender blouse on my clothes rack waiting to be styled for like 3 weeks...oops. I had a fashion block, which is best explained as a writer's block when it came to styling this blouse. I didn't want to style it with white denim and then call it a day..how boring and unoriginal is that?! It then occurred to me to try the unexpected! I started to pair the most odd or weird accessories to see what worked and what didn't. This process brought me to a leopard clutch and yellow gradient drop earrings. Explaining this outfit to your bestie with the colors and prints sounds so tacky-leopard print, yellow, and lavender purple like what?! But all together this ensemble works imperfectly perfect. Dare to try unexpected pops of color and prints to make unique and interesting styled outfits.

I also wanted to bring you 3 apps that I use to style my Instagram photos. Surprisingly, most of my readers emails are how to start a blog or how to work social media as a brand. These apps are free and can be used my anyone to step up their Instagram game.

This app allows you to upload photos to their platform and play around with the layout of your photos. Ever wondered how your favorite bloggers make such visually stunning and appealing Instagram feeds? This is how. By planning out your photos you are able to see how they will look all together on your actual Instagram feed.

It's not secret that Facebook bought Instagram and there's an algorithm that determines who's posts that you see. Either love it or hate it that's how Instagram operates now. This tool connects to your Instagram and shows you when your followers are most active which will give you the best opportunity of your photo getting exposure.

I use this app to edit my photos before posting to Instagram. What I love most is the editing tools that are available are more precise through this app than just using a preset filter which limits your ability to adjust the brightness, highlight, or shadows in the photo.

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