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Bedtime Cleansing Routine for Glowing Skin

Every great make-up look starts with beautiful healthy skin. Since I turned 26 this year and officially into my late twenties I have made such an effort to take care of my skin! From sun spots to premature wrinkles, I knew that I had some damage to reverse from not wearing sunscreen on our latest beach trips..face palm. Whenever I see celebrities on Instagram with a no make selfie I'm so envious of their skin...and they are like twice my age. On the quest for a miracle potion, I stumbled across Bonum Vitae on Instagram from a girl I use to go to high school with. Like all of a sudden she had noticeably clearer skin in her photos and credited these products. I reached out to the owner, Andrea, and was so happy to try her products! You can see her Instagram here. The photos taken above show my skin without any make-up on and very little photo editing after using the Bonum Vitae Facial Oils for over a week. I'll put my new bedtime skin routine below using these products so you can get glowing skin too!

1. Wash your skin with warm water. 
2. Remove all make up residue, especially from around your eyes. Leftover make-up grime attributes to wrinkles around your eyes, take it off before you go to sleep! 
3. After patting your face dry, use one drop (yes you only need one) of the Bonum Vitae Facial Oil for Normal Skin. If you have a different skin type like oily or dry there are variations specifically for you in this product type. Gently massage into your skin. This oil smells so heavenly and clean. I love using it right before bed because its smell has a calming and soothing quality to it!
4. Next, take a drop of the Bonum Vitae Anti-Aging Facial Oil and gently rub this into your skin. This oil also has a great smell and muskier scent notes that my husband loves! 
5. Finish with your favorite moisturizer. I've used this Tula one for the past year and love it for oily skin types! It is important to note that you should use your moisturizer after using these facial oils.

*For my morning skincare routine I do all of this minus the moisturizer.

Since I have incorporated these Bonum Vitae Facial Oils into my skincare regime I have seen such great results from my skin. Improved smoothness of the texture of my skin, less redness, less bumps and little pimples, decreased darkness of sun spots, and a more even skin color & tone. These oils will become permanently incorporated into my skincare routine. I cannot say enough great things about these facial oils, trust me grab yourself some. You'll thank me later.

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Thank you for reading! 

In collaboration with Bonum Vitae, all opinions and thoughts are exclusively my own.

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