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Importance of Work Life Balance

This blog post is sponsored by Queen of the South and USA Network, in accordance to FTC guidelines all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Today I am sharing how I relax and my strict rule for work life balance. There are so may resources and articles about the hustle and the constant obsession with the work, work, work, mentality that I wanted to highlight the importance of relaxation and taking time for yourself!

During the day I have a hustle hard until you success type of mentality. However, once 5 pm rolls around I have a strict rule of no work and a deep focus on decompressing and relaxation. This rule gives me control over my work life balance and ensures that I mentally cleanse from the day. This me time is so important because otherwise I get cranky and my poor husband has to deal with an irritable One of my favorite ways to relax is to watch television. I've escalated my television watching experience (yes, I take it that seriously to describe it was such) by ensuring a cozy surrounding. This means I indulge in beautiful roses, light a boutique scented candle, and snuggle under a furry blanket with my puppy Cajun. Occasionally my husband and I will watch a show together and are very strict with keeping pace on the same episodes. I actually told him about the Queen of the South show on USA Network and he literally said, "You better not watch that without me, or I'll mess you up!" LOL All jokes aside we've heard about this amazing show and have started catching up on Season 1 on Netflix since Season 2 just premiered and is currently on every Thursday night 10/9c.
I love the strong female lead in this storyline and while relaxing I love the inspiration of taking control over your own success but to stop and indulge in the niceties that has to offer. Although I'm not enjoying designer garbs like Teresa does on the show I can certainly indulge in a cocktail or two. Inspired by the main character I pulled out my cute pineapple tumble and made a simple but strong vodka tonic in homage to Teresa's character and added the flavor of Mexico with a lime garnish. Sweet, strong, and most importantly..low calorie! After sharing my favorite way to relax and my rule for work life balance I would love to hear your ways of decompressing. Maybe you've watched Queen of the South? Leave your Season 2 predictions below! Remember to watch Queen of the South every Thursday 10/9c.

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