Five Day Juice Cleanse Review - Lea Carmen

Five Day Juice Cleanse Review

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Juice Cleanse: 5 Day Fruit Cleanse with Squeezed Online
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Last week I had the the pleasure of trying out something that had been on my wellness bucket list for awhile. I was so thrilled to partner with Squeezed Online for my first juice cleanse ever. This online juice business serves primarily Texas locations-San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Houston. What I loved most about this experience is the connivence! I literally checked out online less than 10 minutes after selecting my juice cleanse preferences.

Squeezed Online offers a variety of different options depending on what your preferences are. You can choose between a 3, 5, and 7 day cleanse or build your own and order the juices a la carte. There is also a choice between a more fruit based cleanse or a vegetable based cleanse. I chose the fruit based cleanse for 5 days. You can get the juices delivered right to your door or pick them up at designated locations around your city.

For my 5 day juice cleanse I drank 5 juices a day every 2.5 hours and plenty of water in between. I reccommend choosing a week that you don't have any social commitments too! The first 2 days were pretty easy however, the last couple of days were harder especially when my husband made his dinner LOL. 

I would definitely do a juice cleanse again! I lost 3.6 lbs and have such less bloating and fatigue after doing the cleanse. The next one I would chose a more vegetable based cleanse because towards the end the juices tasted almost too sweet. 

Let me know any specific questions you have about cleansing!

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