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Interview Tips with Gold Peak® Tea Lattes & Coffee

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Today I wanted to bring you a great resource for preparing for an interview. Now I wouldn't say that I'm an expert on interviewing, however I have landed 2 promotions in the last 2 years so I think I know a thing or two! I also want to preface this by saying that my experience is in professional sales. That being said, an interview style will be different from my experience than if you were interviewing for a graphic designer or an engineer. Let's jump right in! 

 Prepare a portfolio

Most job applications require a resume and a cover letter. While you should definitely bring copies of those, I highly suggest that you bring a portfolio showcasing your best work. Get a nice report cover to bind all your documents. Inquire from your HR contact about how many interviewers will be present, bring enough portfolios for everyone. Now the next question is, what do I put in this portfolio? Start with your cover letter, followed by your resume, then follow it with these below:

1. Letters of recommendation
2. Awards/Success Stories
3. Certifications
4. Action Plan

I find that interviewers are highly responsive when bringing a portfolio because it gives them an overall insight into you as a candidate. When the interviewer goes about deciding who to hire, they most certainly reference resumes, cover letters, and now your portfolio.

Dress Conservatively

Again, my background is in professional sales so my experience is formal in regards to dress code. For ladies, make sure that your fingernails, make-up, and jewelry is kept to a minimum. Now is not the time to go into the interview with your summer hot pink nails. I suggest wearing either black or tan pants and blazer with a neutral colored blouse. Complete the look with close toed pointed pumps. Now if you are interviewing for a tech job or a pr firm, these rules could apply but I have found that the dress codes in these environments is more informal.

Bring Anecdotes

Most interview questions begin with "Tell me a time when...." or "Give me an example of how". Prepare for the interview by thinking of examples of how you have overcome obstacles, dealt with a difficult employee/coworker, lead a team or group, etc. I would reccommend using the STAR method when answering these questions. If you aren't familiar with this method, you can read about it here. This ensures that you are answering these questions in complete and giving well-rounded answers.

Be Energized

One of the nuisances of reading online resources for interviewing help is when it states get plenty of rest. How are you supposed to get enough sleep when you are anxious the night before? I like to ensure that my energy levels are high and alert with coffee! Lately I have been loving on the go options that you can buy at Walmart. My husband and I are huge Gold Peak® Diet Tea drinkers, it's really good! So when I saw the Gold Peak® Tea Latte & Coffee I knew I had to try it, no surprise it's really delicious. Made with real sugar and real tea the Gold Peak® Chai Tea LatteGold Peak® Vanilla Chai Tea Latte are flavorful choices!  Gold Peak® Salted Caramel Coffee Drink and Gold Peak® Almond Toffee Coffee Drink are made with 100% Arabica beans, real cream, and real sugar. I love the variety of the flavors making it a better choice to stock up on your latte and cold brew favorites from the grocery store as opposed to visiting a coffee shop every single time.

Thank you so much for reading! 


  1. Knowing the proper interview etiquette can be so hard these days! Thanks for the great tips. {client}

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