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10 Newborn Must Haves

While this post may seem to be coming late in the game (my son is now 2 months and counting), I wanted to truly test out newborn "must haves" and let all of you know what we actually use on a daily basis. My husband and I tried all of the cult classics like the Dockatot and the Baby Brezza but found that either our son didn't like it or that the investment wasn't worth the quality of the product. Also, this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that we use for our son, but these are products that I would recommend and go as far as claiming that they are absolute necessity. Another thing I want to point out is that every baby is different! What might work for one family may not work for another, these are just products that personally worked best for us.

Boppy Pillow

This product has been used so much in our family. We even take it traveling when visiting the in-laws! There is a nursing pillow version that we also have, but this one gets the most love. Since day one Thomas has always lounged on this and even naps on it. Its a transitional product too! We are now using it to support his tummy time!

Pack N Play

We have this set up in our living room and love having it as a downstairs "docking station" for our son. What makes this pack n play different from the rest is the reversible napper- it also flips around as a changing station! Sadly, Thomas has out grown this feature but he sleeps soundly on the pad area! It also comes with a traveling case and will be coming with us to my parents house.

Como Tomo Bottles

Now I really can't take the credit on this find, Isaak actually came across these on Amazon and purchased them. Our son loves these bottles! When feeding he has very minor spillage and latches with ease. What I love about this bottle is the malleable feel of the material. It feels like a rubber and is super comfortable to hold!


While I originally bought the WubbaNub because of how dang cute it was, it truly is the favored pacifier of my son. Now I will say that for newborns these work like a charm, however once your little one starts exploring arm movement these tend to get swatted out of the mouth quite frequently. Once my son started swatting the WubbaNub out of his mouth unintentionally, I purchased these Soothies here and they are basically the same thing! Also they are a fraction of the cost of the WubbaNub.

Newborn Soap

This is definitely a splurge item! I saw this featured on Emily Gemma's insta stories and knew that I had to buy it for Thomas. Its smells heavenly and is a hypoallergenic formula. I highly reccommend it if your little one has sensitive skin!

Diaper Genie

When creating a registry or shopping for your newborn it's SO easy to get caught up with the high tech and splurge-y items. I had my eye on the Ubbi diaper pail, which sets you back $80. Finally I had to snap myself out of the registry craze and realize that spending that much on a diaper pail was so silly! Instead we bought the Diaper Genie (literally half the price) and have zero complaints! It masks any and all smells and even has a slicer built into the product to quickly cut the bags with ease. Don't forget to purchase the refills!

Carseat Cover

We have used this carseat cover from Copper & Pearl every single time we have stepped out with our son. For breastfeeding mommas it also doubles as a cover that you can put it over your shoulders. What I love about this cover is that is light, stretchy, and breathable-so important in the Texas heat! Also, this brand has swaddles and bandanas that have the cutest prints! Highly reccommend.

Halo Sleep Sack 

The first night that we brought Thomas home from the hospital was a long one. Isaak and I woke up almost every hour to make sure that Thomas as still breathing haha! One thing we noticed was that the muslin swaddle that we used shifted as Thomas squirmed about. We (Isaak) was super worried that the blanket would cover his mouth and nose and would suffocate him. Enter the halo sleep sack! This thing is so snug when wrapped around your baby that it took away any SIDs fears that we had. Okay..maybe not diminished but definitely allowed us to sleep! We have a couple to rotate out once they need a wash. This would also make a great baby shower gift!

Rock n Play

This is another item that we keep downstairs/near the kitchen and absolutely love! It has two rocking speeds, three songs/sounds, and has a vibrate option that soothes Thomas when he is cranky. If I didn't have this thing I could not get dinner done or dishes washed. A great product!

Instant Pot

Now I know this is not exactly a product that we use for Thomas but hear me out! Having a baby is such a lifestyle change. There is little time for meal prepping or even grocery shopping for that matter-thank you curbside and home delivery! The instant pot has been a game changer for us to have dinner cooked and on the table in less than 30 min! Clean up is a breeze when dealing with one pot and maybe a cutting board. Highly reccommend buying this if you are new parents like us. Check out the instant pot recipes I've been making on my Pinterest dinnertime board here.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this gives you insight into some great products for newborns! Let me know any of your must have products in the comments below!

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