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How to Start a Blog

During my blogging hiatus, I got one question the most from family and friends.  How do you start a blog? I then realized that so many people are curious about where to begin on creating their own little corner online. I am going to give my best advice on how to create your own blog.

1. Find your niche

When people think of blogging most think of fashion blogs, but some of the most successful bloggers I admire write about family, food, and lifestyle. There are tons of different types of blogs online. You know your strengths and your passions so utilize them! I would reccommend sticking with one category (for me it was fashion) and then once you build your readership branch out to other areas. I now additionally discuss lifestyle specifically wedding/marriage/baby and periodically I share my travels and culinary creations. 

2. Plan an Aesthetic & Brand....... & Theme

Once you find the subject of your blog you need to create your brand. Your brand is going to be an extension of you and your style. Everything from content to logo to photo style needs to have a cohesive feel. For example you wouldn't choose a website that is editorial and edgy in style and then discuss tips for breastfeeding or planning the best kid playdates. I reccommend creating a vision board either physically or create a Pinterest board that illustrates the colors, fonts, and style you envision for your blog. 

3. Pick a Name

You choose once, so choose wisely. Okay, really you don't choose once but after buying the domain name and securing all your social media handles, it would be a pain to start all the way over with a new name. I would reccommend choosing a name that is classic rather than trendy. Visualize for the long term! 

4. Grab your Domains
Step 4 and 5 go hand in hand really. Once you pick your blog name you need to secure the domain, which is the website name. Also you need to secure the social media handles for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. If you already share your blog subject content on your social media then I would reccommend continuing to do so but change the name. For example, if you are going to start a food blog and already share photos on your Instagram of your recipes then don't start over! Just rebrand your Instagram handle. Your followers are already used to your content so continue to post rather than starting over.

5. Pick a Platform and Hosting Site

I personally use Blogger as it is really user friendly, however the majority of bloggers use WordPress. Google the pros and cons of both and make a decision accordingly. You will also need a hosting site. I chose to use GoDaddy and have not had any technical issues after the initial setup. 

6. Find a Blog Template

A blog template is essentially the look of your website. There are a few ways to get your hands on a template. I reccommend using Etsy! You can find really affordable blogger website templates for $15-$20. This is great route to take considering some website creator can charge into the thousands to make a unique website for you. Also, most of the templates on Etsy are instant downloads and come with instructions on how to copy and paste the HTML coding onto Blogger/Wordpress.

7. Camera and Editing Software

This step is not essential for you to start writing blog posts or posting photos to Instagram. However, your content will be so much better using a nice camera and editing your photos. A lot of bloggers use Canon or Nikon cameras. I personally use a Canon Rebel T5. As far as editing is concerned you could use PhotoShop or Adobe lightroom. With Adobe Lightroom you can also purchase presets to quickly edit your photos.

8. Social Media 

Now, as far as a blog is concerned you don't need social media to begin writing blog posts. However, you need readers right? Enter social media. These tools will help you gain exposure for your blog. Drive your social media followers to your blog. Readers and social media followers are what will catapult your blog from a hobby to a potential money making opportunity. Ensure that all of your profile photos are cohesive (if not the same photo) to create a cohesive brand appearance.

These 8 tips are the basic steps to starting a blog. There are so many aspects to running a blog before even figuring out the monetization aspect. My biggest pieces of advice are:

1. Be Yourself

Standing out from the crowd will get your blog attention. There are so many bloggers out there that have similar aesthetics to each other. Be different and unique!

2. Utilize Pinterest

Seriously, any blogging questions that you have search for them in Pinterest. It will be your new Google.

3. Have Fun

Don't take blogging (or yourself) too seriously! Let your personality shine through your photos and words, it makes it all the more enjoyable for your readers.

If you have any specific questions about starting your blog, feel free to reach out or drop a comment below! Thank you for reading!

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