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Newborn Bedtime Tutorial with JOHNSON’S®

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Before the birth of our son, I researched high and low for tips on getting your newborn infant to sleep. The main tip was to establish a bedtime routine early on. Did you know that babies put themselves on a schedule when they are in the womb? I found that fact so interesting and it encouraged me to start a bedtime routine fairly early. Below is a newborn tutorial tutorial that we do with our son every night. The highlight of this tutorial is a warm bath. This helps physically relax your baby which makes it easier for them to fall asleep. 

The most important aspect of this bath is the products I use for my son, Thomas. We are a JOHNSON’S® family through and through. I remember when Thomas was born and our hospital gave us travel sized JOHNSON’S® products. If the hospital uses this brand, I know that I can trust their ingredients. JOHNSON’S® is actually the #1 choice of hospitals. Now, JOHNSON’S® feature product formulas that has 50% less ingredients with 90% of them that are naturally derived. 

1. Change Diaper at 8:30 pm

We begin our night time routine with removing his diaper and taking him swiftly to his infant bathing tub! I have learned the hard (and funny!) lesson to speed walk to the infant tub, otherwise he will give me a shower! Now this time can be flexible for your infant, just be sure to start 30 minutes prior to their last feed for the night.

2. Bath Time

Next is a warm bath! We have been lovinJOHNSON’S® Baby head-to-toe® WashJOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Bath, and JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime® Lotion. I love using the JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Bath and JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime® Lotion for his nighttime routine for its relaxing smell, it's divine! I know mommas will agree with me when I say that bath time with a squirmy newborn can quickly become a juggling act! I especially love that the bottles feature a pump, it makes it so easy to quickly apply the wash.

3. Re-Diaper and Lotion Massage

After you re-diaper your baby, it's time for a lotion massage! I love that JOHNSON’S® has made the JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime® Lotion to compliment the scent of JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Bath. There are numerous benefits of giving your baby a lotion massage. Not only is it quality bonding time with your baby but it also keeps your baby's skin hydrated! 

4. Feed

After the bath and lotion massage, I will give my son his last feeding of the day. I try to dim the lights and encourage relaxation for your baby. Usually this will put Thomas to sleep. I will burp him after he finishes and take him straight to his crib. If he is still alert, I will put him on my bed and do the next step.

5. Tender Time 

Nowadays we don't get to this step very often. Our son gets tuckered out at his daycare that he has been getting to sleep quicker and quicker! However, on the weekends we like to do tender time with Thomas. Tender time can include a variety of activities like singing lullabies while rocking him, but we love to read books to him! I dim the lights and give him a pacifier while I read a nursery book to him. Usually he will fall asleep before the end of the book!

This newborn bedtime tutorial has worked for us 10 out of 10 times in getting our son to sleep relaxed, fed, and happy! Now is it easy to give him a bath every single night? No, but I make the time to do so. It's so important to me to find time saving ways to be more productive during the day so I can spend as much time with my son in the evenings. I love that Kroger is a one stop shop for all of my shopping needs! While grocery shopping, I can also easily pick up Thomas' formula, baby water, and of course his JOHNSON’S® products. These baby products can be found in the baby aisle of your local Kroger. 

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Thank you for reading!

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