Fall and Winter Coats 2018 - Lea Carmen

Fall and Winter Coats 2018

Ivory Sherpa: $78 and $10
Tan Teddy Coat: $128 and $32
Pink Coat: $200 and $70 (occasional extra 30%)
Maroon Parka: $195 and $80 (currently on sale!)
Tan Coat: $170 and $32
White Teddy Coat: $298 and $80 (additional 50% off!)

Most of us are on the hunt for new coats! If you are new around here I'll let you in on my rules for fashion purchases: Invest in classic pieces and find dupes for trendy pieces! Teddy coats and sherpa pullovers are so on trend right now but I know that in a season or two we will be on to the next "IT" item. For that reason I have rounded up a quick post on my dupe finds for you guys!

I have personally have the $10 ivory sherpa. The quality for the price is there and is light enough for all my Texas gals that battle the higher temps every fall and winter season. I also have the $70 pink coat dupe and is great quality and maybe even a staple for your wardrobe! This retailer always has sales online so watch out for the next one to snag this great winter coat.

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